Thursday, December 4, 2014

Birthday Week - Last two weeks of August!

It has been four months since I have posted an update to Elder Packham's blog. Needless to say, it is WAY past time for an update!  I will try to highlight the last few months.  So here goes!

BirthdayWeek! August 18th

What a week,

Just another week in the books. All the days and all the weeks seem to flow together into one. I am getting transferred to Kalispell so that'll be nice. It's such a pretty area. I am excited but at the same time bummed. I have been in Bozeman for 6 months with Elder Johnson it's weird leaving him and to be with somebody else. I just don't know anything else.. but I do. I am sad to leave the ward. I have been serving in college wards for the past 9 months-Missoula and here. It will be different going back to a family ward. The more I talk about it the sadder it is. It will all be a great experience though. I am grateful to be going to Kalispell.

This last week I was prompted to read D&C 124 and had no idea why. It was weird though. I had this dream one night and the number 124 came up in my dream. I woke up and the number stuck with him. I just let it go and the number 124 came back to me in my personal study. So I took that as D&C 124 and decided I'd read it. The scripture vs that stood out to me was the one about joseph smith and the persecution. I don't know the exact verse. He talks about how he is grateful for it. 

I am glad that work is going good. I would send the package to the mission home and then they can forward it on to me.  I honestly don't feel any older.

Honestly all I can think about is transfers and the upcoming events in the mission. Sorry this email is a bust.

------Birthday Photos Below

I only have an hour to email. Well... 46 minutes remaining actually. This morning we woke up at 5 so that we could get here (Helena) before 10 to get key indicators in. We are on our way to Billings for a 2 day Mission Leadership Seminar. Just like the council but 2 days. The last portion of the MLS will be broadcasted to the whole mission and so we are curious about what will be happening at the meeting. ​
My companion is Elder Ryan Zacchilli, he is from San Diego California, he has been out 20 months. He came out 5 weeks before I did and trained a missionary I came out with as well. He has been in the area for 1 transfer. He pole vaulted and did water polo in high school. He was going to be on the byu track n field team I'm pretty sure but came out on his mission. He will go to a small college when he gets home to get in shape and then hopefully transfer and pole vault for byu. He's a good missionary.
Kalispell is nice! We are in Kalispell 2nd ward and actually cover the singles branch for the stake as well so it's still lots of fun. We went to church for 7 hours yesterday. Each Sunday... 7 hours. That's the life of a missionary! Our zone has quite a few new missionaries and that's cool to see because the progress they make is very visible. 
I got my birthday package ON my birthday (: and the stuff to make a cake and everything. Elder Zacchilli and I have been scaring each other. It started with me gettin' him once or twice but now we always have to watch each other to see what each other is planning. He laid down for a quick nap and I took the noise makers and blew it as hard as I could by his face. Funniest thing ever! He jumped up and it was great.

Montana Missionary Funny!

I am doing good. 
I got this funny message from Elder Mcleod the other week and he said, "Ahh, Montana. The only place you can call driving 45 minutes to a lesson. Prime Proselyting." It's funny and so true.

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