Thursday, December 4, 2014

No coincidence and a commitment for the fam!

Hmmm... It's no coincidence that y'all met in the temple. Not only did the Lord intend for her to see Mike, he needed you to see her. 

So much happened this last week. Our area is really picking up. We had 2 or 3 new investigators this week with 2 new less actives and a bunch of potentials. All of our new investigators came to church! We are teaching this lady named Jessica and she's amazing! She's in her 40's I think. She came to church on Sunday for all three hours. She was introduced to the church by an elderly couple in the ward and she grew up around members and said as a kid she always felt drawn to the church but never did anything about it. We taught her yesterday and just went over the 1st lesson and answered her questions and read with her. A concern came up as we went over Jesus Christ in the lesson 1 pamphlet. She said she has a very hard time forgiving people. I testified to her that it is hard to forgive people. I briefly shared with her that our family is going through a situation in which it's very hard to forgive some people in the church. I told her it's only possible through Jesus Christ. My companion testified and shared a scripture. I shared with her the forgiveness: My burdens made light video. She was in tears within the first 10 seconds. 5 seconds in she says, "I have goosebumps." We had an amazing lesson on forgiveness (:

Jessica will be baptized we just don't have a date yet.

One of our new less actives is Sister Perry. She is such a sweetheart. We have been trying to see her but haven't been able to. We went last week and their was this HUGE spider that was about to have babies. This thing was like a 50 cent piece. We squished it and it splattered BIG! We felt bad because part of it was on her door but we justified it by saying we saved her life. It was intense. She came to church yesterday. She will watch general conference next week. AND she's like.. 'I could really use the lessons again. Oh! What if I invited my non member friend to take the lessons and you could bring us both into the church' :) it was so awesome! So we might be teaching her friend soon. She's an amazing old lady.

TRANSFERS!!! I am staying in Kalispell. No surprise! Elder Zacchilli is staying as well.

We went to 9 hours of church yesterday. Because we now have investigators in every ward we will probably have to do that every Sunday. Yay for church! 2 or 3 sacraments a week, we must really need the atonement in our lives (:   

Feel free to like my companion or I's facebook posts. Especially the picture ones... AND only if you really like them. You have to honestly like them, you can't just do it because i'm your child.

I love getting these awesome emails about how my siblings are doing. It makes my life.

I want to extend a commitment to everyone in my family to prayerfully ponder, and seek questions to take into general conference. Have them written down with space between each, and then write down the answers because they WILL come. If you are watching at home I would love to have all of you still watch it in your church clothes. You will get more out of it. Last but not least-stay awake. I know from experience that you WILL get more out of conference if you are awake (: hahaha. Will y'all commit? Okay, good. 

Well. That's about all I got. Going to Helena on Thursday, hopefully not Wednesday as well but we might have to. 

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