Thursday, December 4, 2014

Questions and Answers---September 4th


Here are your questions and the answers:
You were wearing glasses in the picture: do you need me to send some contacts?
​A: The stake YM president is an eye doctor. 

You were going to see the dentist and eye doctor in Bozeman, did that happen?
​A: No.​

Is there someone that we can pray specifically for that you are teaching?
​A: Quenten Graham. He is a kid we taught the first lesson to this last week. He is 17 and accepted baptism and is praying about a date that he would like to be baptized. Opposition is coming his way though so please pray for him.​

How are you and Elder Kachili?
​A: It's Elder Zacchilli (: He is doing really well though. We had our weekly planning today and got to know each other better through our companionship inventory. We are doing great. There is a lot of work to be done.

The past 2 weeks have been crazy. Probably two of teh best weeks of my life though by far. So spiritual and such great experiences. Our two day missionary leadership council last week was phenomenal and yesterday we were able to go through the temple. The only down part was having to go to Golden Corral after wards for lunch. At least it was free. All I ate was veggies, a salad, and some ice cream. I can't do Golden Corral ever since I had it 5 days in a row in Great Falls. The temple was great though and the temple video was nothing less than perfect. I got so much out of it! I remember the old video even though I had only seen it like 3 times but it's so much better (: 

I will try and go to the U.S bank today we just drove past it. Do I need anything when I go in?

​I am doing good. Life is great. Another month has flown by so fast. I don't like that.

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