Thursday, December 4, 2014

Update! September 22nd


First things first, it's important to remember that only certain individuals have authority or revelation for us.  Where once people used to be able to say, "I FEEL he or she should not be going." Meaning that they feel the spirit prompting them in that way, they should no longer say that. It's right in Preach My Gospel chapter 4 towards the end of the chapter in the section called, A Word of Caution. You don't receive revelation for people out of your stewardship. 

I am proud of Michael for who he has become. He has gone through so much! Bless his heart.
I am very proud of Jorvik as well. This last 2 weeks have become some of the most joy filled weeks of my life just from hearing that Jorvik and Mike are going to serve missions. Jorvik should set his availability to LATE January so that I can spend some time with him. I come home at the end of January. I would hate to not see him for a full 4 years and Mike will be 3 Years and 9 months already. The likelihood of Jorvik leaving in 4 weeks is basically impossible with all the missionaries coming out and what not. There are 45 missionaries coming into our mission this coming transfer from what I hear. That's a TON! 

What's the update on you, Alex, and Halley spiritually? How are y'all doing?

We did an exchange all week long. I was with a missionary that was struggling and he still is but he is doing better. We did a 5 day exchange which has been the longest one I've done on my mission. His district leader will be doing a 2 day exchange with him this week as well. Our area hasn't taught over 20 lessons in 34 weeks and we did it this week! Exactly 20. I told President in my weekly email That we would see 20 lessons this week. It was tough and I almost doubted like 3 times but continued on and here we are! 

If you have a minute will you shoot a message to Gissel and let her know how much you appreciate her, and tell her I miss her and am proud of her!

Tell Al that she is amazing and I love her letters.

My eye prescription is STILL -4.50 in both eyes! #ScoredBig

That's about it (:

love ya!

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