Thursday, December 4, 2014

Miracles and God's Hand

First was one of our investigators which was Quentin Graham. We have been working with him as you know and we have been trying to help him receive his answer. We started off the lesson talking about some of the questions that he had and what has been on his mind. We also talked about if he had been reading and praying or not. We had a lesson planned for if he didn't read and if he did read. We were excited to hear that he did pray and read so we were able to teach the better of the 2 lessons in our opinion. We discussed our side of receiving an answer and what the Lord requires on our part. We also shared the video, "God's light is real". Anyway in our lesson we continued to testify and then we asked a few questions that made him pause. Then as we continued to talk he pulled out his scriptures and began flipping through the pages. we paused and waited and then asked what he was looking for. He said that a scripture had come into his mind and that he didn't want to miss the chance of looking it up. (we actually talked about 2 weeks ago, how the Lord prompts us with scriptures and we should look them up). He told us that it was 2 corinthians 13. Our first thoughts were, doesn't he mean 1 corinthians because that is where all of the good stuff is. Apparently we weren't on the same page as the spirit. He got there before we did and stopped. We finally caught up and he read it. It reads,"This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established." This wasn't our third time coming over, it was our fifth, but we all took this as multiple times. Then to add to the power of the scripture Elder Zacchilli and I were testifying and there was also his good friend there Eric Hogan. We all paused shocked at the scripture that the Lord had given Quentin. There were 3 of us sharing our testimonies that these things were true. Then the first thing that Quenting said was... "I think I need to go to church." So we continued on and then he starts flipping his scriptures again and goes, "this is weird!" He gets to Leviticus 6. Elder Zacchilli and are were confused! Leviticus 6?! I have probably touched those pages once... Hahahah. He reads this scripture vs 2 and 3 and he intreprets it that We wouldn't have left our homes if we didn't know that this church was true. Incredible. 2 witnesses in our lesson. He prayed and thanked God for sending us and eric to him to find the true church!

The following 2 miracles were yesterday. It originally started with Quentin sleeping in so that he could not watch the sunday morning session of general conference. This was the one that we planned to go with him and were bummed that he missed it because we already had plans to watch the next session with joni (our other investigator). We got a hold of quentin and then asked him if he could watch the sunday afternoon session of general conference. Of course I now understand why the Lord had it happen that way. Elder David A. Bednar's talk was perfect! it was everything that every missionary was hoping and praying for their investigators to hear. So what we thought was a bust turned out to be a miracle. Then the second miracle was with Joni. We went to the Sunday afternoon session with her and she got to hear Elder Bednar's talk also. Not only that, there was an elderly couple that came a few minutes late into that session and ended up talking to her after the session. The brother invited Joan to come with them on a date night. She told them that she couldn't because her husband had passed away 3 months ago from cancer. Then the wife of the man embraced her and told her that her husband passed away from cancer too about 5 years ago so she knew exaclty Joni felt. Then Joni mentioned that her dog died the day before her husband from cancer also. Then the sister said that she had to put her dog down at the same time her husband passed away too because it had an incurable disease. Both Elder Zacchilli and I were shocked at what happened. It was awesome to see the Lord prepare someone for Joni 5 years earlier so that they could relate and build a bond that will one day help Joni enter into the waters of baptism... Not only that, but the couple is from St. George we later found out and was just up here for a week or two! Yep it was a good week.

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