Thursday, December 4, 2014

Another Q&A - November 10th

This last week was great. Joni is on date for November 29th. We got transfer information. I am staying in Kalispell for the next 5 weeks. I think I will finish my mission here. My companion is getting transferred and will be training his last transfer and he will also be a facebook specialist for the zone he is going to. My new Zone Leader companion will be Elder Buntrock and we will be in a trio with Elder Wright and he will be a junior companion. I LOVE Elder Buntrock! Him and I gave a presentation on using Family History in Missionary Work in June or so. Do you remember that? So sick. I'm stoked. 

I messaged Mike but I haven't heard from him in Months. I've sent him 2 or 3 emails. We'll see. Patience I guess right? (:

Are all your clothes holding up?  
A) yes. I just need a new pair of grey suit pants because they have been ripped since March and they are VERY unfixable. 

Are you healthy?
Yes. Happy, healthy, and well.

Do you know if there will be a transfer call prior to Christmas?
Yes, my last transfer of the mission starts December 13th or so. This is week 1 of the transfer so transfers take place this Wednesday and Thursday. We will have 16 hours to drive like usual. 8 hours each day. Yayyy (:

Time does fly by. I don't know what to say. I will see you soon! That's weird to think about. I love this work! I love you! I'm proud of Jorvik. He's a good man. I'm excited for him to go on a mission. He will just love it.

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