Thursday, December 4, 2014

Poem to Ponder - Written by a missionary

Here is a poem that a missionary wrote:
His name is Kyle Litzenberger, he was one of the missionaries assigned to Ukraine and he wrote this poem when they were confined to their apartments with little food and not a whole lot of things to do. He went home last week, he finished his last 3 months of his mission here in the MBM.

What is greatness?
How do I become great? 
Is it something I can buy or learn?
Is greatness in my fate?

Does greatness come with trials? 
Is it born of tribulations?
Is it something Im ust ponder,
and gain with speculation?

Does greatness come from birth?
With muscle, strength, or witt?
Or does it come with personality
A mindset to not quit?

Can I buy greatness,
with earthly fame or gold?
Or is it something I must grow,
by being true and bold?

How far must I travel, 
to find where greatness lies?
Can I smell it, taste it, feel it?
or see it with my eyes?

Such are the questions, 
I asked years ago,
Now I've found the answers,
It's location I know

Greatness is not in the distance,
to where we must depart
but rather it's inside ourselves
on the tablets of our heart

so why do I need greatness
a trait so oft forgot?
because it's value is much more
than anything to be bought

greatness keeps you going
when you're surrounded by despair
it affects those around you
it lingers int he air

greatness makes history
always to be remembered,
tales of miraculous events,
even while encumbered.

greatness is a choice, decided by the mind,
to keep pushing forward,
instead of lag behind

Greatness is lifting, 
those lower than you
to help them be raised up
to help them raise their view

Heart is what separates
the good from the great
it can heal any soul 
in any given state

i've finally found my purpose
I'll strive to be great
and I'll do anything to get there,
because greatness is my fate.

Just something to ponder.

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