Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mom.....remember who you are

Mom-are you happy? If you can not confidently answer this. I would like to ask why? You are a divine being from the most loving and happy, all knowing being in the universe. A heavenly father loves you, we have the gospel! We have nothing to worry about if we are true to the commandments, our covenants, and are progressing in life. (: 

I got the flu shot, don't have the flu though. I just have a cold and I passed it ever so kindly to Elder Zacchilli (: We are going to attack Elder Cordova with it next. Hahah kidding. We got your package and loved it! Elder Zacchilli opened it up it and was happy to see the candy and stuff. 

Quenten is doing great! He said he might not be at church, I didn't text him back and then an hour later he texted and was like, you know I think I'm going to come (: It was good to see him there again. He's awesome!

Elder Cordova is doing good. He has a dr appointment today at 1 to decide if he needs surgery on his collar bone. Usually they don't but the gap in the break is large enough that they might have to put a plate in. 

Elder Crane is doing good. Call him and text him every day. We had a really good conversation this morning for a little bit and a really good convo last night. He is doing well. He will be going home today or tomorrow back to California. He will be back to Montana in 6-8 weeks. He is thinking that in the December transfer he will be back. Which is good because that's my last transfer in the mission! I love Elder Crane. He's a champ. It is his birthday today-he turns 26.

Be happy

Things are going great! Life is good! I have 3 months from November 1st. 

I love you
Elder Packham

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