Thursday, December 4, 2014

Words of Wisdom

I had a great interview with president mecham today. He drove up to Ktown (Kalispell) and interviewed a few of our companionships that are struggling I requested one yesterday as I left zone conference and he said it would probably have to be over the phone. I got a call this morning at 7:40 and it was him saying he was in town. One of the highlights of the interview I would like to share and it's a great parenting tip: Once you learn how to see and recognize baby steps and small victories that is when you immediately celebrate the living day lights out of them. It is the small victories and the baby steps that lead to the bigger goal and the 'bigger picture'

You will find yourself more successful in life and as a parent if you can master that. Something I learned today.

For example, if somebody has a problem but won't talk to you about it-but they are still willing to talk to you... Keep em talking! That's a baby step. Eventually they will trust you enough to open up and talk to you about what they have inside of them. But it's the many conversations leading up to that point that make it all successful. 

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