Saturday, September 7, 2013

Speaking from the heart...

Hey everybody,

Just thought I'd sent out a quick group message.

I'm not sure what the soul purpose of this individual email is. I suppose at this time I would like to just speak from the heart. I am so grateful to be serving a mission. I have seen many things. Many good things, and many bad things. I have seen people change there lives, and I have seen people fall away from God. It brings a lot of joy to my heart knowing that at any given moment I can change someone's life... FOREVER!

We had a special opportunity last week. Our zone was able to go to the Billings, Montana temple. I just love the Billings temple. I came into that temple with many concerns and thoughts on my mind. As I went through the temple I received so much peace and comfort from my Father in Heaven. We were standing in one of the rooms of the temple and our mission president was going around speaking to each missionary and saying a few words. I was one of the last missionaries he spoke to. The first words out of his mouth, "You have all of your friends and family on your mind right now, am I right?" I just told him yes. Then he went, "And just about 3 minutes ago as you stood here  you felt a lot of peace from your Heavenly Father am I right again?" I just laughed and told him yes. I just want you to all know that 1) The leaders of our church ARE men of God. They are inspired in ALL things that they say and do. 2)Temples are amazing. 3) I think about all of you, all of your families, and my family all the time. I pray for y'all often.

It was another witness to me that this is the true church of God. That Christ is at the head of it. This is the 2nd or 3rd time where my mission president has told me my thoughts and my concerns and my problems before I even have a chance to say anything.

I love you all. Stay safe. Be happy. Smile.

Elder Packham