Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gospel=Joy, Online Proselyting, and Miracles!

WE WILL BE ONLINE PROSELYTING IN JUST OVER A WEEK!!! NONE OF MY FRIENDS OR FAMILY  ARE ALLOWED TO COMMENT, LIKE, OR POST ANYTHING. That has been made VERY clear. People from back home should not disrupt the teaching process or anything. Even if they're trying to help.  

Miracles happen,
Last transfer Elder Cooper and I went to paint a fence for sister fosters' parents (She's our missionary mom). Her parents are not members of the church but a lot of their relatives are. Elder Yeske and I went to go finish painting the fence early this transfer. That day Elder Yeske was going to go on splits and one of the zone leaders was going to come with me and teach the stop smoking program. While we were painting the fence, her brother, was like what are you guys doing today? It was awesome to know that the spirit filled my mouth because without even thinking I just started talking and mentioned how we have a stop smoking program and we are going to teach it to a lady learning about our church.  He's like, "now way pack, you got a stop smoking program? Man I've been trying to quit for awhile now. I'm broke and need some cash that's why. Smoking sucks man." I was like yeah we do and we'd love to teach it to you if you'd be interested in it. I got a phone call earlier this week and he was like, "Hey packham, you want to teach me that program you got?" Huge testimony builder. 
As a side note - I asked Elder Packham about the stop smoking program and he shared his testimony of it - It Really Works!!! SO - if you are an LDS missionary - THEY CAN HELP YOU!  (and to my mother, if you are reading this - Jake says you can friend him on facebook if you would like to learn about the stop smoking program!-love you!)

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