Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The work is going great!

The work is going great. This last week was good. In our mission the zone leaders will be doing exchanges with other zone leaders. Elder Southwick came over from Helena to do an exchange with Elder Johnson and I. It was TONS of fun. You may not remember but Elder Southwick and I came out together. He came to be with us and the whole time he's like, "I have no idea why I'm on this exchange, you 2 are perfectly fine." It was funny. If anything it was just a good time honestly. Talked about some deep doctrine (kolob theory, retroactive prayer, etc.), went and got fro-yo (Frozen Yogurt), and did lots of walking. It was a good week.

Elder Johnson and I are doing good as always. We are basically brothers by now. We know each others' lives, families, friends, hobbies, everything, etc. This may be our last week together and that's wild to think about. I just hit my 18 month mark this last week and Elder Johnson hits his 14 month mark tomorrow. We will be cattin' the ice cream for sure. 

We had zone training this last week and that went well. It was a good meeting. Not too much to say about it. We had 2 break outs (Role Plays) on lesson 5, a discussion on weekly planning, I gave a discussion on Family History and Elder Johnson gave a discussion on Finding. 

~~~~he eluded to some challenges here but I elected to leave those out! He is a great missionary and he is completely on track when he talks about how important obedience is. I love him and miss him tons! I can't believe he is at 18 months- crazy. Oh he promised some pictures next week!

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