Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It's All About Tact

This last week was great! Mission Leadership Council was good as always. Wednesday night after MLC we stayed the night in Helena and just worked with some of the missionaries there. It was a lots of fun. We stayed the night at the home of this amazing couple. Brother and Sister Stanger. They LOVE running and they are actually going to The Drake Relays this coming year. We talked about running for a good amount of time. Wednesday night my throat got super sore and it hurt so I was up for a good portion of the night. Thursday was zone conference and not only was my throat hurting but I also somehow picked up a stuffy nose. Elder Buntrock and I had a little prayer sesh before the meeting started. During lunch I received a blessing from President Mecham and that was really nice. My discussion went great! Everyone said that they loved it and got more out of our discussion than all of the others. As we leave zone conferences and big meetings President and Sister Mecham stand at the door and we hug and shake their hands as we leave. President said that it was great and ugh. I just love that man. He's the greatest. As I shook Sister Mechams hand she began to cry and told me 'thank you', she said that there was a great power in our testimonies and she wishes she could take us around the mission. I love them. 

With the utmost amount of kindness that I can muster and from the bottom of my heart with the most sincerity, I thank you for all of the packages that you have sent.(This is where he basically told me stop sending packages because it has a negative impact on his companionship because he gets alot of them. I have vowed to do a better job) I thank you for sending packages though, they are nice to get.

I thought a lot about Grandma Hilda this week especially as our focus has been using Family History. I would be confident in saying that Grandma Hilda is a burning library. It's only a matter of time before her sweet spirit leaves us from this life to the spirit world. Would you be willing to contact Grandma Karen for me and have her record as much of Grandma Hilda's stories as she can? Down to the details: Who were her parents, who were her siblings, Stories, Sorrows, Joys, vacations, her life story, have her describe her family members and what she likes about them, describe locations etc. 
On the note of family history here comes the follow up: were you able to check out that thing I told you about called Pandoras Hope Chest?

If you are upset with the missionaries you gotta tell em. It says in Preach My Gospel that very few people will change without being invited to do so. Say, That's an awesome experience that you can have over in Ames! I bet the spirit will be there and it will be uplifting and edifying. We are just a little bummed that you went to that instead of having dinner with us to discuss our non member friends that we WERE going to let you teach. It's all about tact. I learned about tact in MLC, President and Sister Mecham told us we needed to write what we learned for when we become parents and we have unruly children.

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