Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Surprise!...... and Purposeful Prayer!

In my Monday email from Elder Packham he certainly did surprise me.  Here is what he had to say:

Well Family...

I'm not in Great Falls anymore! Surprise! (: I am currently in Billings. There were some unexpected things that needed to be moved around in my area.  I got a phone call from the Assistants on Wednesday night and they said that I'd be leaving. I had to keep it a secret until Friday. On Friday the assistants picked me up and took me to Helena, and from Helena they took me to Deer Lodge, and I got to spend a few days with my MTC companion Elder Johnson and that was awesome! It was Stake Conference too so that was kind of nice. I got into Billings last night and we had dinner with our EQP. He has an awesome family. They have a little 10 year old from China. They adopted him when he was 8 months old. He LOVES rice. LOL They laughed because they said that it's a stereotype but it's so true. I love Billings and I'm excited to serve with my new companion Elder Stinson. We get a long great so far! I am still a District Leader here in Billings. Sister Brooke Lemmon is in my district! I know her from back home.
On Wednesday afternoon I had an awesome experience following revelation and acting on the spirit. We were going back home because I forgot a folder or something. I can't even remember what I forgot but I know that I forgot something. So on our way back home I get this strong impression to go see this guy named Mathias. It was clear as day. Of course the natural man took over and was like, no it's okay you have time to see him later. But then it came back clear as day "GO SEE MATHIAS!" So I whip the car around and tell Elder Swisher that we need to go see Mathias right now. We went and saw him and he said that he'd like to go to church with us on Sunday. It was so cool! He gave us a jar of Apple-butter as well. Mathias is awesome. He's almost completely blind and he tells us to shine our shoes EVERY day. I love him! He's so funny too! I miss a lot of people from Great Falls. Brian Foster is getting baptized this weekend and he wanted me to baptize him. :( He cried and cried when I left. Actually... Everybody cried. The Bishop, the Relief Society President, Brian Foster, Vicki Foster, Jami Foster over the phone, and the list goes on. I miss it so much. Like a lot a lot. Ugh. I'm happy to be in Billings though (:
Our mission is getting Ipads! Mini Ipads. All who are worthy will get one. We had a shipment of like 250 Ipads go into the mission home today. We will be getting trained on how to use them in about a week or so. There will be a committee of Elders and Sisters who will go through the mission and train people on effective use of them. We also now have 3 assistants instead of 2.

I got to see Elder Inman last night! They actually used to live in the same house as us but not any more. That bummed me out. But it's hecka sweet because I love Elder Inman! He's my favorite! We had a good talk last night. 

As I said, he definitely surprised me.  On another note, I am struggling with an issue that is completely out of my hands and had asked Elder Packham to share some words of wisdom with me.  This is what he said:   

Purposeful Prayer! That is my answer. It sounds so small but when you pray, pray with purpose. After you pray, wait for an answer by the Holy Ghost. In Alma 18, Ammon is teaching King Lamoni and Ammon waits HOURS to feel the spirit. So often times when we pray we just get up and move on. God can't speak to us if we don't give him time to respond. It's like telling someone something on the phone while you mumble it and hanging up. The other person has no time to ask questions or anything. That's what it's like with prayer. Pray for comfort and fast. I honestly believe with all the sincerity of my heart that this is in Gods hands. (he is referencing the issue I share with him) We cannot control what other people do but we can control the things we decide and the thoughts, mentality, and the action we take. Be positive in all thy thoughts words and actions. Serve others, that will take your mind off of everything. Being humble is being completely submissive to the Lord. I would suggest give this all to God and saying whatever happens happens and it's what you want. Just like Chris Williams said letting yourself be a vessel for the Lord. Letting Him work through you.
My time is up on the computer and I don't want it to shut down without sending this. I love you!

That boy is wise and I appreciate him sharing his thoughts with me.  He is so right - sometimes letting go is the hardest. I do have Faith in my Father in Heaven but I worry about other people who hold the power to make the decisions that affect members of my family.

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