Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Remember - If thou canst believe, remember - all things are possible to those who believe

The plea in Mark 9:24 to help thou my unbelief was from a father who desired help for his son, it might well be the plea of anyone who believes in the Savior but recognizes the need for more faith and knowledge.

Elder Packham shared Mark 9 with me this week and it has given me a chance to think about a lot of things in my life.  I believe in the Savior but I do recognize a need for more faith and knowledge.  This is something that I am continually working on in my life.  I worry about my children and I am constantly praying, like that father in Mark.  My greatest desire in life is that my children have a testimony of a loving Father in Heaven and a solid foundation of faith in the Savior.  As always, I appreciate his thoughts.

The news from Montana - Transfer calls came this week and Elder Packham will be staying in Billings.

Elder Packham and his companion did some service this last week - they raked a 5 ft pile of leaves = 70 bags of leaves!!! The project ended up being bigger than they anticipated and they called in reinforcements.   Here is a picture:

I know that service is one of the things that Elder Packham loves the most about his mission.  It is such a great thing to be able to serve others and know that by doing so you are serving the Lord.  The scriptures say:

"When you are in the service of your fellow beings, you are only in the service of your God."   Mosiah 2:17

 Below is Elder Packham's email from this week:

"Where do I start?" is the question I ask myself every Monday. I pray that I will be able to uplift and inspire you and the family and convey the thoughts the Lord would have me convey.

I will start with the questions mom asked:
Do you have snow? Yeah it's snowing today actually! Wahoo! Yay (:

Are you teaching anyone? We are teaching a couple 3 people. AC, PH, and L, but our focus is less actives.

What has been the most uplifting/spiritual thing that has happened to you this week? I'll mention later-look for the name: Pretty Paints

How are you adjusting to your Ipad? It's a tough adjustment because paper is so nice. No sarcasm. There are kinks that need to be worked out but the mission is taking it in stride.

Do you have any positive online stories? Yeahhh I'll share later on (:

How is your companion doing? He's doing great!

What is it like being a district leader in this new area? I love being a district leader. I love being able to serve those around me. It's different. But it's a great opportunity and my district is awesome. I'll be torn if any of them leave, but excited for new missionaries as well.

Do you see Elder Inman a lot? I do! We talk every day (: He's getting transferred though to Big Fork Montana which is over by Kalispell in the north western side. He will be a district leader there.

Did you ever get the package I sent a month ago? The assistants forgot to grab it while they were in Great Falls. They will be grabbing it this transfer week.

Are you ready for winter? I'm stoked for winter. Although It'll be a cold one. BOOOO!!!

Have you heard from Lindsie aka Sister Perchon? I have. I sent her a dear elder in the MTC and I've received an email from her. I'm emailing her back today.

This week was great! We got transfer information and I'm staying in Billings with Elder Stinson in the  Pioneer Park ward.  We are seeing great things. Here is your answer about miracles. We had 3 reactivations this week. When I arrived I made a list of people we were going to focus on. One of them was the Pretty Paints! They live right next to us so I thought it was perfect. They are so awesome and I love them so much!  They have big hearts and just want to do what is right. Since I've been here they've came back to church, and we used an Ipad to show them a video about temples and we committed them to prepare themselves to enter the temple and they accepted!  They are the sweetest! Sister Pretty Paint just got a calling this Sunday!
We almost got ran over by a car this last week as well...Some guy must not like Mormons because he was aiming for us - that was right after the Pretty Paints committed to prepare for the temple.  Ooh, that same day though, we found a new potential investigator.  His name is S! He's so awesome! I originally saw him working on his car in the driveway so I was like, "Sweet, another unplanned opportunity!" and I struck up a conversation with him and we talked for about 10 minutes, he said we could come by at any time and talk.  As we left he's like, "hey brothers, I love you!" Hahahaha he's so cool! He's got a big heart as well.  The Lord is really placing people in our path.

I am proud of Jake.  He is doing really well and I can tell how much he is growing. Unlike him, I do not think I would be excited for snow and I worry about him freezing his batookus off.  Most importantly, I love him heaps!

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