Saturday, February 23, 2013

He has arrived!

On Friday I received a letter that on the outside looked like it was coming from the mission home in Billings and it was addressed in Jake's handwriting to, "Elder Packham's Parents."  I was excited!  I can only imagine that the mission president's wife sat all the elders down at the table and gave them paper and pen with the task of writing their mothers to let them know they had arrived in Montana safely!  It makes me smile to think of it.  This was Jake's letter:

Dear Parents,
This letter is to you! Sent from the mission home! We just got back from the Billings, Montana temple! Incredible! Me and Elder Inman were in tears! So strong! Wow! It's SO BEAUTIFUL! Ahhhh!  I love you both!
I don't know what else to say
I'm hungry! :)
Elder Jacob Daniel Packham

So that is the last update I have and I wanted to share it with all of you.  Here is a picture of the Billings, Montana temple:

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  1. Love the blog Sandi, I will be following! So happy to hear about how Jake is doing! I am so happy for him and for you!