Sunday, June 15, 2014

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Mission Tour, Family History and Bush's Baked Bean ~ Heck Yeah!

Mission Tour with Elder Carlos A. Godoy, Mission Leadership Council, Ate Bush's Baked Beans for dinner on Sunday, and someone who believes Christ is an Alien. That's my week in a nutshell..

Mission Tour was phenomenal. Elder Godoy made it very clear again that our mission is #1 out of the 22 missions in our area. He said that if this mission can't baptize thousands then none of them can. We need 84 a month for 12 months to get 1008. Our mission is striving to live a higher law of obedience and the things that we consider an obedience problem, most missions would probably not.  Like, "Don't say p-day say preparation day." I think that kind of obedience is ultimately why our mission is doing so well. We are the same as the other missions in the sense that we all deal with obedience matters but ours are minute to the things the other missions have to deal with. 

Mission Leadership Council is great! I am thankful that I know about Family History. We broke up into a few groups to talk about some things our mission wants to implement or get better at. I was one of the few people in the Council that knew anything about how to use and work Family Search and It was great! It will be something that we use a lot more in our missionary work. Our zone conference in July will be dedicated to it.

Bush's baked beans for dinner-Heck yeah! Hahaha University ward problems. I love it (: We have a full week of dinners this week though so we're excited. One of them is with a less active member and her non member roommate. 

Found a lot of potentials this week. One of our investigators needs your prayers. She knows she needs to be baptized but she text us last night and said she doesn't want lessons or to go to church because she wants to sleep in on Sundays.  We asked her if she had prayed about what to do and she said that God told her AGAIN that she needs to be baptized this month but she doesn't want to. 
there's an update! 

Here are a few pictures of Jake from his Mother's Day Skype call - Enjoy!  (I sure do miss him!!!!)

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  1. What an amazing kid enjoying being more obedient! Doesn't get better than that! I think even in the example he gave of living a higher law of obedience, the mission is showing more reverence for what the Lord has pronounced which brings them closer to Him. Yeah Elder Packham!