Monday, May 26, 2014

Lookin' Good....and other musings.....

Yep... Lookin' Good!

Must admit... I think the blue on the cup brings out the blue in his eyes. hahaha

Transfer calls came this week and Elder Packham and Elder Johnson will be staying in Bozeman. I do believe he is happy about that. However, I think he would be happy with whatever President Mecham asked him to do. Here is his update:

Things are going great! We had a great week. We had our presidents interviews this week and those were incredible. Things are just going good. So much has happened. I love President Mecham!  
Elder Johnson and I are staying in Bozeman and we are happy about that. The work is going great! We are having a baptism in 2 weeks and that is Melissa. We are not teaching Cole and we can't find him. That's okay though, if he doesn't want our message, we are going to move on. That's crazy about the ward alignments!  If we know the church is true than it shouldn't matter who goes where. It's the same. People just need to be reminded of there covenants that's all.  Mission Tour is next week. Elder Godoy was actually missionary companions with Elder Aitukaitus who spoke in general conference. They are really great friends. This morning Elder Johnson and I were able to sit in on the staff meeting that is held each week-that consists of the aps, president and his wife, and all of the office staff. That was fun. President and Sister Mecham also fed us dinner last night and we were able to teach them a lesson and extend them some commitments. We spent the night in the mission home with the assistants and Elder Mamea. The mission is on track to hit our goal of 70 baptisms. We are at 65 or so at the end of this week, and we have 1 week left. We are now shooting for 80. 

The Lord really is hastening his work. I see this in the things that Jacob shares and in the work here in Iowa. It is pretty amazing!  I wish that it were easier to share the gospel. I don't know why but it just seems difficveryult at times. I try every single day to live my faith so that others can see what I believe.  I work  hard to be who I say I am.  I hope that shines through to others.

I love the Savior and I have a strong testimony of the love that He has for us.  I know, without a doubt, that He will never forsake us.  Let's face it - life is just plain hard some times and I have no idea how I would do it without my Savior by my side. I know that He hears my prayers and I strive to have Him close in my life.

President Monson gave this beautiful talk that I want to share with you.  He speaks of losing his dear wife... and I know all too well the feeling of losing a dear companion that you love beyond measure.  But he makes the point that we are all given challenges... and we all ask at times...why me?...but the truth is... the Lord will not forsake us... He will never abandon us and never leave us alone.  Each of us have to ask ourselves at one time or another... shall I falter or shall I finish?  It is my prayer that each of us will be able to draw strength from the scriptures....consider Job...he kept the faith... may each of us do the same.  When burdens come, may we endure... and overcome and know, without a doubt, that the Lord is always with us - He will never forsake us.

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