Monday, June 30, 2014

Oh mom I can't wait to hug you. I love you

Oh mom.
I can't wait to give you a big hug. I love you.

I think that it's so great that with y'all havin' sammy that you're getting more and more missioanry opportunities! I will keep praying that you have them. I laughed at the story where she got out of her cage. Was she doing anything that she wasn't supposed to do? 

Our investigator didn't get baptized this week but we have faith that he will receive his answer that the church is true and follow the example of our Savior into the baptismal waters this next month. He is awesome! He's great. Jorvik would like him too. He was a marathon runner before he came to msu. He has ran like 5 marathons and he said he took 8th place in the Ogden marathon, he's qualified for boston several times and his best marathon he averaged like 6.5 minute miles for the whole thing-26.2 miles. It's crazy. He's awesome though.

I got a letter from the Hills this week so that was good (they sent a simple card and it was a nice reminder that people love me. Thank you Hills!!!!) I will probably write them a simple letter back.

Our zone is doing good. Our ward is doing even better. I don't know how but they are. Ducks just keep falling in place and the more we work the more I look back and realize we have been led by 
the spirit as we have managed this zone and our area.

sweet realizations.

So this email made me feel really good. I can't wait to hug him too- it will be a glorious day!  Enjoy these photos Jake shared-

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