Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Busy, Busy Zone Leader #poppintags

Since Elder Packham was called as Zone leader almost 6 weeks ago, I haven't heard much from him.  I know that he is busy, busy, doing the Lord's work and I am confident that all is well.  I do know he reads this blog though so there is a possibility that once I post - I will hear from him!

Here are some of the brief comments that I have been privy too:

Ahhh it sounds like things are going so well for everyone! I can't believe we're all growing up so fast. I hope and pray that Jorvik is going to go to a school out west. He just doesn't know how totally freaking awesome it really is. SO MUCH FUN!!!!

----He is so right - they are all growing up so fast. Crazy how quickly time goes by.
Zone leader responsibilities are keeping us on our toes (:  Great stuff (: OH I got a letter from that family that took the picture of us that one sunday before dad died! It came on a day that I really needed it too. Such a blessing. 

----I asked him if this was Randy and Deana Steele and he said it was Shellien Gilliland.  Big Shout out to her - thank you! And for Randy and Deana, he said this:

I miss Randy and Deana though.

----He said that there are so many people to thank for Christmas but he can't think of all the names. So if you are reading this - THANK YOU!!!  On another note: Elder Packham is learning to be frugal and I am so glad for that.  How do I know this you may ask?  Well....

I found a super sweet pair of church shoes at Goodwill for $10 but the yellow tags were half off so I got them for $5!!! No more need for shoes!  Goodwill....Poppin' tags!!!

----That made me laugh out loud!  He had said at Christmas that his shoes had holes in them.  I love that boys sense of humor.  I know ya'all are singing the song poppin tags right now!

----And lastly but certainly not least, he said:

Thank you for supporting me on my mission.  It's changing my life more than I could have ever dreamed of.

-----Oh wait - I almost forgot the most important one of all -

Tell everyone that I love them and miss them!!


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  1. Seeing your posts gets me excited for the day that my boys go on missions. Of course I know it's a long time out but I hope they have the positive attitude and hard working ethic that Jake has, I mean Elder Packham :)