Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thank you!

First things first thank you to everyone who reached out Elder Packham for Christmas.  I know from being in coordination with our own Elders here in Ankeny that Christmas can be a bit of a challenging time.

I am struggling with getting a lot of information from Elder Packham so I apologize for not having more to share. Here is the latest Q & A:

How is Missoula?

Missoula is doing great! I love it here! Ahh! My companions are just awesome and we have so much fun.  We went the wrong way on a one way twice this week, roads in Missoula are the worst.

How was your Christmas party last week?

Our Christmas party went great! We actually sang a special musical number up on stage in front of everyone, it was oh come all ye faithful. They even had a spot light on us. Lol it was so much fun though and I enjoyed it! I love singing.

How are your Zone leader responsibilities going?

Zone responsibilities are going great! There is never a dull moment and never down time that's for sure.  We are ALWAYS running around visiting people and also managing zone leader things.

How was Zone conference? Tell me all about it!!!!

Zone conference was amazing! I got some letters I think I had one from you and one from grandma and grandpa it was very sweet! They gave us all little present baggies! There was a lot of singing and special musical numbers. 2-4 testimonies were born and only the assistants and president and sister Mecham spoke. One of our assistants is going home at the end of the transfer in January! I'm so sad, he's such a great missionary and he's impacted this mission SO much. He's a great influence. He will actually be coming to stay with us at the end of January and he will be at our zone training.

It occurs to me that you haven't told me about your companions.

Elder Connor McLeod and Elder Marshall. Elder McLeodis my zone leader companion and is from North Carolina and has been out just over a year.

Jake has developed a friendship that I hope will last forever with Elder Jacob Inman. They came out together. I enjoy reading his blog. Here is a link:

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