Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pig Wrangler Extraordinaire...and other exciting news!

Yes, you read that correctly ~ our resident Montana missionary has been wrangling pigs!!!  Jake described it like this:

We were at the members home and they asked us if we could help them load the piggies into the truck.  We were in our proselyting clothes but thought - sure, we can do this.  So here was this little pig and I am thinkin', yeah, that's no big deal - I can get him in the truck for you.  Who knew that those little guys could wiggle so much!  Now I have never tried to contain someone in a full on temper tantrum but if I had, I am sure it would have resembled this.  So whatever weight you are imaging this pig to weigh - you are most likely wrong.  It is more like this:  increase the muscle mass by 100%, give them four legs, each with a sharp cloven hoof, throw in full epileptic seizure body contortion and ear piercing squeals.  Somewhere in the midst of all of this madness, I grabbed the piggy by both legs in order to toss him into the truck and guess what?!?  I got piggy pooh on me!!!!    It was quite interesting.  Let's just say - my pink tie is ruined!

Getting the chance to talk to Elder Packham on Skype for Mother's Day was incredible!!!  I think we were on there for over an hour!  He looked good and sounded great!  I am incredibly proud of him. In true Jake fashion he had us all laughing... it was awesome.

He said it was very warm there - 85 degrees in the shade!!  Hence him asking me to send more short sleeved white shirts. He answered a lot of questions about the area he is serving in.  I teasingly told him that it was like he was serving in a third world country.  He told me that transfers would be coming the next day but he was happy to stay and that his companion didn't really want to stay in that area.  My response to him was that until you learn to love the area and the members - you will stay.  I don't really know if I am right but I do know without a doubt that each missionary is serving EXACTLY where the Lord wants them to be at EXACTLY that time.

He loves the support and letters. Each one of you who are supporting him are so awesome!  As his mother, I am incredibly grateful to know that he hears from you.  Jake loves people - loves his friends and family - this is a blessing for him. So - keep'em coming!!!  Oh yeah- and if you are reading this Bowman - you should write- instead of having Noelle do it - LOLOLOL!!!  (I am kidding)  And Matt Cain - you are due for a letter!  He misses everyone but knows he is right where the Lord wants him. I am very proud of him.

Oh and his favorite P-day has been glow in the dark dodge ball!!  Sounds great!

He got to talk to Alex, Halley, and Jorvik - and his mission president let him call Mikey.  It was a great day!!!

So... drum roll...... transfer calls came......

Elder Packham is being transferred!  He will be serving in Great Falls.

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