Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy for my Jake!!

I am so proud of Elder Packham for the love and faith that he has! 

I am attaching a letter I got from Jake's Mission President - it made my heart swell with joy.    

I can feel his faith building each time I hear from him and I am so grateful. 

People who know me, know that i believe - without a doubt-that FAITH is the key to having a firm foundation. And those same people know that the Lord has given me a lot of opportunities to test that.

Jake loves quotes- here are some I sent him this week! 

   1.    Definition of a missionary: A missionary is like a duck—calm and unruffled on the outside, but paddling like crazy underneath.
   2.    Discouragement is like a baby. The more you nourish it, the bigger it gets.
   3.    Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and the shadows will fall behind you.
   4.    When success turns your head, you’re facing trouble.
   5.    Life is a long lesson in humility. We need tough days to drive us to our knees.
   6.    Positive thinking is the only way to produce positive results.
   7.    The man who does his best today (on his mission) will be a hard man to beat tomorrow (after his mission).
   8.    The distance a missionary goes is not as important as the direction he is going.
   9.    The smallest good deed is better than the greatest intention.
   10.    Difficulties strengthen the soul as labor strengthens the body.
   11.    The nearer we come to God, the greater His light can shine upon us.
   12.    You cannot hope to enjoy a harvest without first laboring in the field.
   13.    A good leader is someone who can step on your toes without messing up your shine.
   14.    There are few, if any, jobs in which ability alone is sufficient. Also needed are loyalty, sincerity, enthusiasm, cooperation, and dedication.
   15.    The person who gets ahead is the one who does more than is necessary—and keeps on doing it.
   16.    Nothing is easier than murmuring; no talent, no self-denial, no intelligence, no character is required.
   17.    The goal of criticism is to leave the person with the feeling that he’s been helped.
   18.    A person rarely succeeds at anything unless he enjoys doing it.
   19.    Those who lose their temper usually lose.

I am so grateful for Elder Packham. He tells me I am his hero but what he may not know is that he is mine!!!!!

Love you Jake! To the Moon and Back!

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