Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Email me back Momma!

As always I LOVE hearing from Elder Packham!  He is just good medicine for my soul, not gonna lie.  I am so excited that Mother's Day is almost here!!!! He will get to Skype and call!  That is the BEST!

I am happy to report that he loves his bike!  No big surprise there.  Here is what he said:

           The bike is great! I was in Lakeside Montana this last few days on an exchange with Elder Organ who is in my MTC District and we had a blast.  We got a lot done!  People didn't believe me that I came out with Elder Organ, we're too mature and learned to be at only 3 months out (; So that was great! We rode up super steep hills and what not and It hurt man! lol it was lots of fun.

That's awesome! He said that they met a nice German couple while they were in Lakeside and he swears that family history work will be the gateway for them! He also had some sad news - he said that their recent convert called them and said that she did not know about this whole 'LDS' deal.  He said: 

           Worst phone call I've ever gotten, my heart sank.  She feels lost and alone, used, and like a bullet hit her because before she was baptized people would call her and visit her but not since she was baptized.

Having not been on a mission myself I do not know what that would feel like but I can imagine that it is just like Jake says, 'the worst ever.'  In my new calling I have the opportunity to reflect on missionary work and the role that we as members play in that.  I think we can do more and Jake's recent convert is a great example!!!  Everyone needs someone - it's just the way it is.

My Jake was also full of compliments for his momma this week - I love that boy!  Here is what he said:

             Next week is Mothers day! I'm sending a package for you! You'll love it! I hope that your birthday was good! Alex was really happy to see you and even more happy to see Mike and give him a hug. You and Alex have the hardest jobs in the world being step parents.  You both do a great job though! I'm proud of you both.  Your birthday present and mother's day present are going hand in hand this year. Sorry (:  I love yo uso much though! I just hope that you know that. I love you lots and I pray for you every night.  I thank  God for you lots as well.

I have to say that right there is the best Mother's day gift ever!  See what I mean about him being good medicine for me??  He just knows how to make me feel better.

As a mother you always hope that you are instilling the right things in your children and one of those things that I have worked very hard on is making sure my children have their own testimony.  I have always told them that they need to work to develop their testimony because it will sustain them throughout their lives. I know this to be true.  Well, Elder Packham had a testimony story this week.  Here it is:

             Yesterday at church was great! I bore my testimony.  We're only supposed to go up if nobody was going up. So I did.  One of the sisters who's going through a really hard time got up at the end and she mentioned me like 3 times in her testimony.  It's awesome knowing that you're an instrument in God's hands and knowing that you said something that they needed. Nothing brings me more joy!  So many people here in T-Falls are going through trials. The Thomspon Falls branch is great though. Each and every one of them rally around each other and help each other out. That's what the gospel is all about! I'm sure you have seen that too being in South Carolina.  One of the members in our district lives about an hour from Fort Jackson actually! He's from South Carolina.
I think it is a really special gift to know that you are being an instrument in the Lord's hands - I am proud of him.  There have been SO many people who have been an instrument in the Lord's hands for me the the last two weeks.
In closing I want to share a speech by Elder Holland - i love him!



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