Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hahaha calm down mom! You worry too much (:

How do you like the title of my post?!  That’s typical Jake and even before he said it in his email, I already knew he was most likely thinking it! LOL – love him!

Here is something he shared with me:

We had this really cool experience the other day that I would love to share with you:
My companion Elder Ptacek and I were praying really hard for the past few days about bringing us to the Lords children that our prepared to hear the gospel. We have been praying a lot to find His children and to be able to bring them back to Him. We learned that one of the fellow ward members has been organizing this ecumenical (Multi-Church) concert for the last few months and that it would be held on March 10th. Elder Ptacek and I were really excited about this opportunity because
it would be great exposure for the church and we'd be able to show our musical talents with others. The theme for this even was Jesus Christ. Before the event Elder Ptacek and I said a prayer and walked over to the Catholic church where it would be held. All of the musical pieces were great. We were able to sing a powerful song, I Know That My Reedemer Lives. During the musical number I had this strong impression that we had touched a few hearts with that song. After the concert we held the doors for everyone leaving. Lots of people thanked us, even the pastors. Later that day as we were waiting for a ride to take us to our appointment the Catholic Pastor that lives next to us saw us and came over to talk. We were really confused at first and asked each other, "Is he really coming over to speak to US?" We looked around to see if he was walking to someone or something else when we realized he wanted us. The Catholic Pastor recognized us from our song and thanked us dearly for our performances. He said the people that sang from our church have some of the most beautiful voices he's heard. The opportunity we had to sing at the concert has opened so many doors.
I can testify that it's not whether or not we sang great in the concert. It doesn't matter who sang from our church and what they looked like. What mattered was that the Spirit and touched the lives of so many others in that congregation. Music is powerful and it's incredible to see the affect the Holy Ghost has on me, as well as so many others that aren't of our faith.

That really is a great story!!  I keep trying to envision Elder Packham singing “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” to a bunch of people he doesn’t know…. It’s a happy thought!  I would have to agree with him – I do think that music is a powerful tool in teaching the Gospel.  I think that is because the spirit is so strong when you are singing such amazing hymns. 

Speaking of the song, “I Know That My Redeemer Lives”……  after Mic died that song took on a whole new meaning for me.  I do know that my Savior lives and that He loves me but here’s the thing…. When someone you love dies there is so much joy in knowing that because the Savior died, we will live again!  We will be with our loved ones again and be able to see them and hug them and everything!!!

So… for the best part of Jake’s letter:

I love you mom and I hope you have a great day! Remember to smile (:

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