Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Aint nobody tractin in that.....

For anyone who knows Jacob I am sure as you read the title of this post you could hear him saying that and see his awesome smile. Did it make you smile or laugh?!  It did me!!!  He is so funny!

Here is his update:

We had a huge snow storm here yesterday and we couldn't tract. We were really disappointed because Sunday is the best day to tract. The wind here was around 65mph plus snow and it was dark. Aint nobody tractin in that. (: The people here are amazing! I'll be here for 10 more weeks at least. I can relate to all of the people out here really well. It's super easy to hold conversations with people. They love it when I tell em I've lived in a small town in Iowa and been around farms.  lol. I love getting letters!

And here is a picture he sent:

That picture totally makes me laugh!!! He is so cute!  He looks warm, right?!

They have tracted in to three investigators and I continue to pray that he will be led to those who are seeking the gospel.

You know, I never really could have prepared myself for what it would feel like to have a missionary in the field.  I think about him every day and I make sure that I don't tell him I miss him! Even though you know I do! A lot!  A good friend of mine at work says, "Jake is your sunshine, isn't he."  She doesn't know about all the early morning seminary days when Jake had us singing, "Scatter Sunshine!"  That boy - he really does scatter sunshine every where he goes.  Have a listen! Smile and think of Jake!

Update:  Jorvik Ty and Mikey have informed me that I got the song wrong!  Jake made us sing, "There Is Sunshine In My Soul Today."   So - here you go with that link too!!  Basically, Jake is all about the sunshine! Gotta love him!


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