Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Oh Mother How I Love You ~~ and a wardrobe malfunction

March 24th

Oh mother how I love you (This was how Jake began his March 24th email) I am not complaining - I love him too!!.

The wardrobe malfunction goes as follows:
I had to buy a new suit. My grey suit, the pants got a huge hole in the butt, i'm talkin' like 3 inches long. So I hand sewed it back up. THEN the day before zone conference in Helena it popped open again and the fabric was like shredded. It's gnarly, I have no idea how it happened. Maybe I'm just getting fat. So we literally had to go an an emergency shopping outing to find me a super cheap suit. I bought the cheapest one they had and it was for $100. The black suits from home are huge on me because they fit me when I weighed like 200lbs. My grey one still fits great I just don't have pants for it anymore :( The other black suits I have are faded from black to brown and one is too big. Missions are so darn expensive. 

 My zone is doing great! The work is hastening. We only have 7 companionships so we have one of the smallest zones but we have about 15 people on date which is really good. We are having a baptism this weekend, her name is Rachael. She is already helping us do missionary work for our other investigators. Last night she had her baptismal interview and she said that it was interesting being on the other side of the fence helping these other people. This last week we picked up quite a few more people to teach. We picked up about 3 or 4 new investigators and a new less active. People are prepared. Serving in the college ward is the best! I went for the UofM college ward to MSU college ward. It's great! 
Vocal Point is coming to Bozeman the first week of May! We're excited for that, it's going to be a great missionary opportunity. 
I still have a bit of a cough. :/ I've been taking 1500 mg of vitamin C a day, sometimes more. Drinking lots of water, working out, eating healthy. I ran out of medicine but I'll be fine i think.

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