Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What a wonderful life!!!

Crazy week! So much happened. Missoula had the most snow fall in its history this last week! We did nothing but shovel for people for 3 days. It was seriously a natural disaster. 2 avalanches occurred, one of them being visible by our apartment. We're fine. The house that got covered, they pulled 3 people out and one of them just died in the hospital because of her injuries. It's so sad! Today the snow is melting though so that is nice. I'm worried it's going to start flooding because the city doesn't even know what to do with the snow. Some of the snow piles are like 8 feet high that divide the lanes in the road because of the plows. It's just crazy. Prayers are answered though and we are being given a lot of opportunities to serve.

Our Bishop, Bishop Anderson wanted us to help him move an arcade machine he bought and he wanted it up in his cabin. So he took us to his cabin and we also got breakfast. Then we had to move this 400-500 lb arcade machine through like 5 ft of snow. It took us 2 hours to get inside of his cabin. We had a 6'9 320 lb elder, myself, and a 5'9 250 lb elder, and our bishop whos a big guy and then my companion who's the smallest all trying to lift it and we couldn't carry it.

I am getting transferred. I am getting transferred to Bozeman! I am so pumped to be going there. I will be in the university ward there as well AND I am pretty sure we'll have a truck AND I'm the senior companion so I'll be driving most of the time. I will be serving with Elder Zach Johnson and he will be a new zone leader. I served around Elder Johnson before, he was one of the other district leaders in Billings when I served there. He's great, he's such an awesome elder. We get along so well and so I'm just so excited. I wish I was in Bozeman already.

I got a phone call the other day from the Bozeman zone leaders and Mike Carey got baptized finally! I found him in Great Falls when I was with Elder Cooper. Mike answered the door for the first time, told us he would never ever get baptized into our church but that we could come back. The zone leaders told me that the entire university ward showed up to his baptism, the stake president (Who just got released, he will be a mission president in Lubbock, Texas later this year) baptized him and the bishop of the university ward confirmed him. They also told me that he gave me a shout out in his testimony. Mike goes, "Elder Packham and Elder Cooper knocked on my door and I told them I would never get baptized. Hahaha! Look at me, I'm a mormon now." He just laughs in the middle of his testimony (: He's so great. One of the greatest things I've ever done has been to tell someone to go to institute. Ahhhh. I love it.

We were supposed to have stake conference this last weekend but because of the storm they cancelled stake conference and all church and all meetings. Elder Mcleod and I got permission from President Mecham to hold a church service with all missionaries. It was so powerful. For all of us there it was the first time we had been in a church service with only missionaries since the MTC. It was incredible.

So much is happening. I am so excited looking ahead to the future. I hope I'm in Bozeman for a while. It is really funny because Elder Rodriguez and I have joked about serving in Bozeman as zone leaders since we got to Montana. Maybe it will happen, maybe not, we'll see.

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