Thursday, February 13, 2014

Learning and Growing.....more wise every day

Elder Packham said this to me on Monday:

As a mother it must be a rollercoaster ride every Monday. The anticipation, the joy of emailing, the sadness of having to wait 7 more days; over and over 52 times.

So true… but let’s be honest, it’s more like 104 times. I live for Mondays.  As a working mother – I never thought I would say that but it’s true.  On Mondays I know I will hear from my missionary son and all day long I am patiently waiting.  I believe he used the word “anticipation” – the act of looking forward to something. Got that right!  This sums it up:


Since Elder Packham was called as Zone leader, his emails are definitely shorter.  It’s ok though- at least that is what I tell myself. 
Elder Packham just passed his one year mark.  Wow – where does the time go?!  As much as I miss him, in all honesty I have to say that it is going by so fast.  I imagine that he is feeling like there is so much yet to do and it is going too quickly. I hope and pray that he will stay busily engaged in the work of the Lord.  Here is his email from this week:
Another week in the books! So much has happened! Wow! I just love it! I hit my 1 year mark! Yay! Best 365 days of my life. So much has happened in my life and I've grown so much. This last week was great! I don't know if it was this week or last. I gave the Stake President a blessing. Wow, talk about powerful. It's not every day you get to give your Stake President a blessing. Elder Mcleod and I held the new missionary trainer meeting this week and I conducted that. It was really good! One of our missionaries fainted last Monday and she was rushed to the hospital. They ran tests and told her that she had a tumor on her neck that was right by her brain. My companions Elder Mcleod and Elder Marshall went and gave her a blessing with President McMullen, a member of the mission presidency. They ran more tests to see if it was malignant or benign and they told her that it was weird and it isn't showing a tumor anymore. Miracles happen and they released her from the hospital not knowing what happened or what caused the fainting. She may still have to go home from her mission though, it's sad. I was able to get an interview with President Mecham this last week. Phenomenal! Just amazing. I love that man. I just learn so much from him. Transfers are in another 2 weeks. This last week was my year mark and thank you for the s’mores, we are eating those tonight I think. I just got off the phone with the Assistants and then our Stake President so now my train of thought is lost and I'm just so focused on gettin' business done. lol. OH! I found it, I was able to minister to one of the companionships in my zone on a 3 day exchange this week and that went really well. It was definitely an inspired exchange.
I am doing really well. I am staying happy, healthy, and well.

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