Sunday, June 16, 2013

Q & A Session

So my update is slow this week. Sorry.  Last week I decided I would send Jake a series of questions to answer for me.  I think that sometimes my questions get lost in his email and do not always get answered. So... here ya go:

Do you have any investigators? 2 right now!
Any funny stories this week? No not really. Oh yeahh.. There was this homeless guy walking and Elder Cooper goes, "Just walking home huh?" and he responded, "yeah I just live under the bridge over there.." Hahahah so funny. Elder Cooper felt so bad. I can't believe he said that.
Any spiritual stories to share? Yeah I'll share in a second
Any word on Elder Cooper's visa? NO.
Do you need anything? No.
When did you have your last haircut? 2 weeks ago I cut it myself with some members' clippers.Can you either mail home a memory card so I can have the pictures or can you upload them?  I will upload them today
Did Bowman email you?  No I have not heard from bowman. Give him my email.
Have you written a letter to Bishop to share with the ward? No I have not. I'll do that this week.

Jake also had something sweet to say to me.  That boy...he sure knows how to make his momma feel good.  Being a good mother is so important to me and knowing that I am teaching my kids the right things is my number one priority.  Here is what Jake had to say:

Yesterday we taught Young Womens! Hahaha it was great! We made em cry (: There were only 3 of them, our ward is super small. The lesson was "What are the keys of the priesthood?" The lesson could have been better in my opinion but I'm a perfectionist! One of the counselors asked us "What are some examples of women in your life that have helped you fulfill your calling and duty as a priesthood holder?" I had never really thought of that before. I loved that question though. I mentioned you and Alli.


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