Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Love me some Pday! What's in a name?

Here is my email from Elder Packham this week:

Today is P-Day! SWEET!!! I love me some P-Day. So where do I start? It's raining buckets here in Montana. There's a lot of flooding going on around the state. Not in our area yet but if it keeps up we'll be doing some flood relief. Things are going great! I love p-day because every p-day here in great falls all the missionaries get together and do stuff or at least go to lunch together. There's a member in one of the Great Falls stakes who owns 2 dairy queens here in great falls. All the missionaries in great falls get free dairy queen once a week. So we usually go to dairy queen on P-day because it's free.

No new investigators but after this week we should probably have a few. Jo let us come and do service for her! We invited her to church but she didn't come. She said on Saturday when we stopped by that she was going to Helena to spend some time with her mom. Frustrating but we'll be back to visit her.

We were tracting this week and we knocked on this one door. They didn't answer so we knocked again. We started walking away and got all the way to the sidewalk when a man in a wheelchair opened the door. Cooper goes "Hey we're the missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints!" He just yells "I don't believe in that stuff. I don't believe in the LDS people. I only believe in Jesus!" Elder Cooper goes, "Well that's awesome, So do we!" He goes, "No you don't!" and slammed the door. We walked away laughing about it because we told him we're the church of JESUS CHRIST and he said we don't believe in him. Hahaha people these days. The next house we knocked on was awesome! We knocked on the door and a man came out and introduced himself right away. He said that he was waiting for the missionaries to stop by. That he wants to take the lessons again and his wife wants to learn more as well. We'll be going there on Thursday. We have a potential who almost offered to feed us dinner. We'll be going back to teach her on Thursday at noon. Elder cooper knocked another door. and the ladies says that she's strong in her faith. So coopstain goes, "Oh so you believe in Jesus and Moses and all them?" The ladies goes, "Well I'm a Jew." hahahaha so funny! Elder cooper just had a dead face like he didn't know what to say, it was his turn to take the door so I was just letting him take the whole thing. So funny. I walked away dying. lol

What is it like working with members? It's one of the most important aspects of being a missionary. If the members aren't happy work will slowly digress. Work will get slower. The area will die off.  You know the saying, if momma aint happy aint nobody happy. Same thing with missionary work. If members aint happy, aint nobody happy. I have found that one of the greatest way to gain members' trust is by teaching someone in there home. Even if it's role playing a members' friend or what not. The members see your teaching ability, they see that you're serious, and they get comfortable teaching. So that as the members are comfortable role playing and stuff they can go and actually teach there friends or whatever. Then it relates to Referrals received and contacted. I hope this makes sense. I can't wait to go home and teach all my friends. I could go on and on but I wont. These are good questions though.
So first off - his tracting story made me laugh but it also got me thinking about what's in a name.  Jake's story is true in a lot of ways...there is a misconception that we (members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) don't believe in Jesus Christ.  Jake's story makes me think of the primary song.  Have a listen:

In order to dispel any doubts - I believe in Jesus Christ. I know that He came to earth to show me the way to live my life. I know that He atoned for the sins of the world and that the atonement is real and it gives me hope. I know that Jesus Christ showed himself to the people in the America's and the Book of Mormon is a record of those people.  I know that when He said "Other sheep I have which are not of this fold, them also shall I bring," He was witnessing to the Book of Mormon. My Savior, Jesus Christ, is my best friend and I value the relationship I have with Him more than anything in my life.  He sustains me in all of the things I say and do.

I miss Jake... but it sounds like he is doing well. I love him. Immensely.

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